Our Firm

Vested Law LLP focuses on helping funded start-ups to middle market businesses grow. We understand that good legal counsel is critical to your success. However, legal counsel must fit within the context of a business’ overall market and technology strategies to be most effective.

We focus on how our legal advice can help our clients solve business problemsmanage risk, and create wealth.

We understand that good communication between a business’ principals and their legal counsel is just as important as the knowledge base that the counsel brings to bear. The foundation of good communication is understanding. We therefore attempt to understand a client’s business needs from their perspective, and this forms the foundation of our Core Values.

We bring a diverse skill set to the table that lets us understand who you arewhat you do, and how you do it.

In addition to being world-class transactional and litigation attorneys, we also have deep expertise and experience in entrepreneurship, technology, finance, and business strategy. In fact, our business acumen is a distinct and significant advantage over our peers—all of our Partners have actually operated and grown companies.

We recognize, from this firsthand experience, that entrepreneurial ventures are the driving force behind modern innovation and wealth creation. As such, we are increasingly called upon to provide counsel on issues requiring this knowledge—generally considered beyond the scope of a traditional legal practice—to work with our clients in forming and growing new ventures.

Additionally we have formed alliances with diverse non-legal allies to assist in areas outside of our own skill sets.

Solving problems. Managing risks. Creating wealth. Simply Vested.