About Us

We Specialize in Business Savvy Counsel
Vested Law LLP focuses on helping small to mid-size businesses grow. We understand that good legal counsel is critical to your success. However, legal counsel must fit within the context of a business’ overall market and technology strategies to be most effective. We focus on how our legal advice can help our clients solve business problems, manage risk, and create wealth.

We Value Clear Communication

We understand that good communication between a business’ principals and their legal counsel is just as important as the knowledge base that the counsel brings to bear.

We Begin with a Full Understanding

The foundation of good communication is understanding. We therefore attempt to understand a client’s business needs from their perspective, and this forms the foundation of our Core Values.

We Become Experts in Your Business

We bring a diverse skill set to the table that lets us understand who you are, what you do, and how you do it.

Solving Problems

Vested is a valuable asset for our clients when they gather information and define risks in their business decision-making process. Business decisions that are made pro-actively are essential to helping a business solve problems and stay ahead of their competition.

While different processes have been created to solve business problems in a proactive and informed manner, a general outline of an effective process employed by Vested follows:

Define Goal
While this may seem self-evident, a clearly defined goal is essential for any business decision. The goal may be in terms of dealing with a changing business or legal environment, developing or protecting a technology, reaching a defined level of revenue or profit in a given time frame, or any other business context.
Gather Information
Information may be gathered from internal and external resources. Business advisors and allies including legal counsel may be useful sources for gathering sufficient information to proceed with the decision making process. Mainly, we will apply our rigorous and proven approach to creating a full picture of challenges and opportunities.
Identify Risks
No business decision is without risks. An informed business decision should be made with a good understanding of the risks of making that decision. Again, business advisors and allies including legal counsel may help a business identify the risks involved in a business decision based on the gathered information.
Make Decision
Once the goals, information, and risks have been defined, an informed decision can be made. That’s not to suggest that it’s easy. The process often requires rigor and invariably alignment among key stakeholders. We’re here to guide you through it.
Define Metrics
Metrics for measuring the results of the decisions should of course be defined. For example, we might minimally set and calendar milestones for partially or fully achieving the defined goal. Mainly we will work with you to meet your related business objectives, many of which are of course quantifiable.
Revise Decision
Even the most thought-out decision making process does not guarantee success. Particularly if unforeseen risks arise during the process. If your results do not meet the defined metrics, then the process should be repeated, with requisite speed and quality to enable your business to make a better decision.

Define business risks.


Estimate the likelihood of a business risk resulting in negative consequences.


Estimate the impact of those negative consequences.


Understand the costs and benefits of those business decisions.


Decide whether to accept the risk or to attempt to mitigate the risk.

Managing Risks

Managing risks both involves and informs the business decision-making process. New risks will constantly arise as a business moves forward due to changing business, technology, and legal environments.

Many of these risks cannot be completely avoided. Indeed, Vested believes that attempting to avoid all risks is not a worthy endeavor. Doing so often leads to paralysis. Reasonable risks are often completely acceptable in view of associated opportunities. Properly managed risks often can be turned into new business opportunities. Therefore, a process for managing risks is essential to a business’ success.

Many effective processes have been created to manage risks. Different processes are better suited to different businesses and market spaces. All of these processes involve taking the following actions:

Effective and ongoing risk management is a competitive advantage for any business. This advantage is particularly powerful for small and mid-size technology based businesses.
We help our clients manage their business risks.

Creating Wealth

Businesses need to create and protect wealth to survive and prosper. We focus on the law and how the law can be applied to help you create and protect wealth.

Wealth takes many forms and includes financial capital, human capital and intellectual capital. Intellectual property including patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and copyrights are valuable assets. Indeed, by many accounts, almost 75% of the value of publicly traded companies in the U.S. comes from intellectual property assets.

Business strategy and relationships can be wealth-generating assets in their own right. Likewise, institutional knowledge is a form of wealth that should be leveraged and protected.

We take the time to understand your business and what factors help you generate wealth. Vested helps you understand and develop the sources of wealth at your disposal. We also help you protect your wealth from adversaries and competitors, whether via intellectual property protection, negotiation, contracts, or litigation.

Our Core Values


Definition: Something transparent, especially a picture, design, or the like on glass or some translucent substance, made visible by light shining through from behind

In practice: A commitment to share relevant information with the firm’s constituencies. We embrace an open decision-making process where input is sought from all on important decisions. We keep the client informed as to the process employed to handle its matter. Our billing practices and communications do not hide charges or expenses.


Definition: Cooperative interaction among colleagues.

In practice: Hiring and working with people who seek out opportunities to work with and learn from others. Firm personnel understand that a client’s issues do not always fit into neat subject area boxes. We look for situations where the varied expertise of other attorneys within Vested Law can provide a superior work product to the client.


Definition: The act of innovating; introduction of new things or methods.

In practice: Hiring and working with people who seek out new ways of doing things, new business models and new products. Firm personnel will advise in many cases on taking calculated risks in order to improve a process, service or outcome.


Definition: The fact or state of excelling; superiority; eminence.

In practice: Counselors at Vested Law share a commitment to the highest quality work product and ethical standards. We are dedicated to a continuous improvement of our skills. People who are open to learning about a better way to perform a task or provide a service even if they are experienced.