Internet Law

The practice of Internet Law is diverse, complex, and ever evolving. We know because we have been at the forefront as owners of successful Internet business companies and as legal professionals.

At Vested, we therefore understand the issues behind starting and managing an online business including crowd funding, taxation, disabilities and site design, e-commerce issues and insurance, website contracts, copyright issues, trademark and unfair competition issues, patent protection and enforcement, trade secret issues, the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, domain name resolution, privacy issues, an online licensing issues.

As an example of our breadth, we have successfully handled nearly 120 arbitrative actions before the National Arbitration Forum and World Intellectual Property Organization involving domain names.

Recent Domain Name Dispute Victories;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Recent Court Victories

Clients: (won federal ex parte TRO forcing VeriSign to strip this three-letter domain from its Chinese registrant and deliver to California corp) (won federal court transfer order in Virginia stripping this domain from its Caribbean registrant for Kentucky corp) (won domain in settlement during ACPA federal case after removing from state court and after UDRP loss) (won federal transfer order stripping this domain from its Korean registrant for New York corp) (a rare case invovling state jurisdiction in which a state court ordered VeriSign to seize and change domain registration from the Cayman Islands)


Recent Press and Articles

Indeed, we are frequently in the press for our practice of Internet Law: