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Patents can be incredibly valuable business assets. Unfortunately, many patents are not properly drafted. As a result their value is nominal at best.

To secure valuable patent protection, a patent attorney must understand that simply securing a patent is not enough. The protection needs to be broad enough to cover current and future embodiments of your company and those of the competitors. The patent protection must also be capable of surviving litigation.

There are very limited numbers of patent attorneys who have tried any type of case, let alone a patent case as either first or second chair. In contrast, we are trial attorneys who happen to know, live, and breathe patents. We have prosecuted and obtained innumerable, significant patents worldwide for our clients. We have done so by understanding each company’s business, its technology, and with a keen eye toward litigation and the bottom line.

We know whether the money spent on a patent will actually bring a return on investment, whether that return is thought of as building a patent portfolio to create overall wealth, creating a cross-licensing option in litigation, or being the exclusive provider of the patented product or method. And if you choose to litigate a patent or need to defend against a patent suit, our counselors are among the rare professionals at the ready to be your brothers in arms.

Solving problems. Managing risks. Creating wealth. Simply Vested.