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Dane is a world-class attorney who becomes directly involved in the goals and future of each client to obtain valuable intellectual property assets and then monetize them. His significant patent and trademark prosecution and litigation experience complements his other diverse skill sets that include private equity finance, business risk management and negotiations, and technology development.

Dane has worked for small, medium, and large sized law firms and technology companies, both as their counselor and as an active participant. He has seen what it takes to grow as a business.

This combined experience informs Dane’s view of how to help someone run a successful business: make informed business decisions, manage risk, and create wealth.

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California; All Federal Districts of California; Northern Federal District of Texas; also registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office


Dane has a Juris Doctor with honors from Ohio State University, where he also was a Managing Editor of the Ohio State Law Review. He has earned a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering (cum laude) from Ohio State University. Dane was also a National Merit Scholar.

Representative Legal Matters


LucasFilm LTD v. Jedi Mind, Inc.

Patent Prosecution

Numerous business and intellectual property monetization negotiations in manufacturing and technology spaces

  • US Patent No. 7,873,397 (Spectroscopic Optical System)
  • US Patent No. 7,518,531 (Traffic Control Device Transmitter, Receiver, Relay and Display System)
  • US Patent No. 7,411,772 (Casimir Effect Conversion)
  • US Patent No. 7,167,105 (Traffic Control Device Transmitter, Receiver, Relay and Display System)
  • US Patent No. 7,051,829 (No-Slip Drive Sprocket)
  • US Patent No. 6,947,479 (Dynamic Wireless Link Adaptation)
  • US Patent No. 6,932,564 (Heteroscopic Turbine)
  • US Patent No. 6,909,824 (Mechanically Actuated Evanescent-Wave Coupled Optical Devices)
  • US Patent No. 6,894,976 (Prevention and Detection of IP Identification Wraparound Errors)
  • US Patent No. 6,747,574 (Traffic Control Device Transmitter, Receiver, Relay and Display System)
  • US Patent No. 6,727,925 (Browser-Based Room Designer)
  • US Patent No. 6,651,575 (Shore-Use Bilge Blower)
  • US Patent No. 6,640,233 (Reserving File System Blocks)
  • US Patent No. 6,487,454 (Programmable-Shape Array)
  • US Patent No. 6,480,969 (Providing Parity in a RAID Sub-System Using Non-Volatile Memory)
  • US Patent No. 5,974,668 (Irising Cigar Cutter)
  • US Patent No. 5,483,346 (Polarization Based Optical Sensor Utilizing Total Internal Reflection)
  • US Patent Application No. 62/034,366 (Key Shadowing)


  • Contributor to Applied Cryptography, Bruce Schneier, 1st Ed., John Wiley & Sons, 1994 (CD Appendix)
  • Dane C. Butzer, Bradley D. Clymer and Betty Lise Anderson, A Highly Efficient Interconnection For Use With a Multistage Optical Switching Network, 34 Applied Optics 1788-1800 (1995)
  • Markman v. Westview: Juries and Patent Infringement Suits, 58 Ohio St. L.J. 271 (1997)


  • Led practice-group wide discussion of Apple v. Samsung patent and preliminary injunction dispute for continuing legal education credit (2012)
  • Intellectual Property: Helping Your Clients Create Wealth at Columbus Bar Association for continuing legal education credit (2006)